Patient Partner

1.    What is Patient Partner?

Patient Partner is an automated telephone system that allows patients to book, cancel, check & change appointments at any time, night or day using their telephone key pad by calling 020 8630 1036. Patient Partner has been successfully installed in hundreds of surgeries and is being used by many thousands of patients daily. Patient Partner will help the surgery ease the problem of congested telephone lines during our busiest periods.

2.    How do I access patient partner?

When you call the surgery either when the surgery is open OR when the surgery is closed you can  “press 1 to book, cancel, check or change an appointment using our 24 hour automated system”

3.    How does Patient Partner know who I am?

This system works by identifying patients by asking for their date of birth and telephone number. The system will be unable to validate patient identity if this information is not entered as it is on the clinical database. If validation fails, please contact reception.

It is important you keep your telephone number up to date with the surgery.

4.    What appointments can I book through patient partner?

All of our appointments will be available to book through patient partner. Please listen to the options carefully to ensure you are booked in with the correct person. Please see the back of this leaflet for full list.

5.    What happens if there are not any appointments available?

Patient partner will look for all available appointments and may advise you that due to high demand there are no appointments available.

If there are no appointments available you are advised to try again the next day. If you feel you have an emergency that needs to be dealt with today you can re-dial 020 8630 1036 to go through to the reception team who may be able to advise you of other local services available.


Patient Partner Options:

1)      Nurse practitioner appointment For Minor illnesses
2)      GP on the day appointment 1)      Telephone appointment
2)      Face to face appointment
3)      Routine GP appointment 1)      Telephone appointment
2)      Face to face appointment
4)      Nurse Appointment 1)      Blood test
2)      Blood pressure check
3)      Diabetic or high risk of diabetes review 1)      Diabetic annual review (30 minutes)
2)      Diabetic follow-up review (15 minutes)
3)      High risk diabetes review and blood test
4)      Women’s health 1)      Cervical screening (smear test)
2)      Contraception (including the pill)
3)      Depo injection
4)      Coil check
5)      Ring pessary
6)      Vaccination or injection 1)      Shingles, pneumococcal or B12
2)      Travel vaccine
3)      Any other injection
4)      Asthma check
5)      COPD
6)      Childhood immunisations
7)      INR
8)      Minor dressing of stitch removal
9)      Sexual health screening or swabs
10)   Smoking cessation
11)   Height, weight & BMI check
12)   General nurse appointment
5)      Flu vaccine appointment For flu vaccines only

Updated 21/1/2019