Practice Update

Update for patients – April 2018


General practice in undergoing major organisational and workforce changes throughout the country, and as a result Thornbury Road Centre for Health has seen a number of changes in systems and personnel in recent months.


From April 2018, the following GPs will be available for appointments;

Dr S Heffernan (f) Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri AM only
Dr R Loomba (m) Mon, Tues & Weds PM only
Dr J Merry (m) Mon, Thurs & Fri AM & PM
Dr K Masood (f) Weds, Thurs & Fri AM & PM
Dr J Soni (m) Tues, Thurs & Fri PM
Dr L Brugha (f) Mon & Tues AM & PM




The practice nursing team works closely with GPs to provide services such as childhood immunisations, travel vaccinations, wound care, injections, health screening and chronic disease management (e.g. diabetes). The nursing team has expanded to include our new practice nurses Alexia & Pia.


Practice nursing team:

Sister Dell Tasker Advanced nurse practitioner
Sister Alexia Marlton Practice nurse
Sister Pia Tiongson Practice nurse
Rose Ramba Health care assistant
Chanel Samuels Health care assistant
Carol Withnall Health care assistant


Appointment System

We will continue to offer a range of “pre-bookable” and “on the day” appointments for up to TWO weeks in advance. The demand for appointments with Dr Heffernan & Dr Loomba is high, as they are the longest serving GPs at this practice. Please be aware that we will try to accommodate requests for an appointment with a preferred GP, however this will not always be possible.

Please note for “on the day” appointments, patients are required to contact the practice from 8.30am when the appointments are released. We do not release any appointments for booking in the afternoon (since 2015).


Telephone appointments

Telephone appointments for routine enquiries such as blood test results can be booked for up to 2 weeks in advance. There are also a limited number of telephone appointments available “on the day”. Telephone appointments are available with; Dr S Heffernan, Dr R Loomba, Dr J Merry and Dr L Brugha.


Minor ailments

Sister Dell Tasker is an advanced nurse practitioner. This means that she can see and treat patients with minor illnesses such as sore throat, migraine, chest infection, urinary tract infection, coughs, ear ache and back ache. Dell has completed additional training, so that she can take patient’s history, examine, diagnose, prescribe appropriate treatment, order tests, make referrals and arrange hospital admission if necessary.

When you contact the practice for an “on the day” appointment, you will be asked by the reception for a brief description of your symptoms to see if an advanced nurse practitioner appointment is appropriate.


Online Access

You may find it beneficial to sign-up for online access. You will need to request this at the reception desk and bring photo ID with you. Once you have got your log-in details, you will be able to:

  • Book and cancel appointments
  • Order medication
  • View blood test results
  • View your immunisation history
  • View any historic diagnoses
  • Update contact details

You can access online services via our practice website OR via SystmOnline app which is available on apple and android.


Keeping your details up to date

It is important that we have up-to-date contact information for each patient. Please let us know as soon as possible if you change address, telephone number or e-mail address.



Repeat prescriptions take TWO WORKING DAYS to process, so please make sure you request your prescriptions in advance of when they are due.

From 1/4/18 pharmacies will be unable to request prescriptions on behalf of a patient. You will need to request your prescription by;

  • Online services (see details above) – this is the preferred method
  • In-person – by filling out a form at the reception desk
  • Via e-mail – by emailing your request to