BCG Vaccinations for Babies

Changes to London BCG Vaccination Pathway – 1st Sept 2020

  • The way BCG vaccines are delivered to babies in London from 1st September 2020.
  • Neonatal BCG vaccine will no longer be delivered in maternity units.
  • Babies who are eligible for BCG will be referred to community vaccination clinics to be vaccinated.

The national BCG immunisation programme is now delivered is a selective neonatal BCG immunisation programme

  • It is targeted at those infants most at risk of exposure to TB.
  • The programme is offered to:
    • all infants (0 – 12 months) living in a London Borough where annual incidence of TB is 40 per 100,000 or greater
    • all infants (0 – 12 months) where one or more parent or grandparent was born in a country where the annual incidence of TB is 40 per100,000 or greater

Full information leaflet available here:  TB BCG Vaccine Leaflet

Watch the “TB, BCG and your baby – video for parents and carers” that outlines the changes to neonatal BCG and who is now eligible


Last updated 30/09/20