Hounslow Health and Social Care Self-Help Directory & Support Groups

Self-help is increasingly seen as an important part of recovery and prevention for health conditions. Many voluntary groups working in Hounslow provide support for people who may be newly diagnosed or living with long-term health conditions, and need advice on how to better manage their own health.

In any one borough there won’t be a self-help group for every condition. But there are many national organisations for specific conditions who offer excellent free fact sheets, online information or free telephone advice and counselling lines.

If you or a family member have been diagnosed with a health condition, it can be a real benefit to talk to other people in similar circumstances. Long-term health conditions can also impact on other parts of life such as the ability to work, travel, take part in social activities and maintain self-confidence.

The Hounslow Health and Social Care Self-Help Directory is a resource for local people, their families and carers to find groups that can provide support on different physical and mental health issues.

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