Whooping Cough Vaccination

Following a rise in the number of cases of whooping cough in young babies, pregnant women are now offered vaccinations to protect their newborn babies.

The vaccination programme aims to boost the short-term immunity passed on by pregnant women to their newborn babies who normally cannot be vaccinated themselves until they are 2 months old.

The vaccination is now available for expectant mothers over 20 weeks in their pregnancy. Please contact Thornbury Road Centre for Health on 020 8630 1036 to arrange your appointment.

If you are not yet 20 weeks pregnant, please arrange an appointment when you reach 20 weeks.

Please note to maximise the likelihood that your baby will be protected from birth, it is best to have the vaccination between 20 and 32 weeks gestation.

If you have decided not to have the vaccine, please contact the surgery to let us know, so that we do not contact you again.

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